The Benefits of Royal Alpaca Knitwear

As a luxury alpaca knitwear brand, we’re often asked why we’ve chosen to work with alpaca and more specifically Royal alpaca as no one else is doing the same, but ultimately this is why…

Alpaca is a hugely undervalued and underappreciated yarn but this is because no other label has been able to pioneer new manufacturing techniques which allows it to handle as softly and perform as well as we have. Some have claimed that our Royal alpaca products are literally softer than cashmere which may certainly seem true for some pieces in our range as they possess a particular stitch which exacerbates the softness and quality of the product. The fact that every one of our alpaca products have so many other attributes and qualities that people are unaware of is something that we are indeed trying to remedy. Given the popularity of our range, this task is becoming easier by the day.

Here are a just a few of the incredible benefits of Royal alpaca knitwear, clothing and accessories possess…

Alpaca is;

Naturally antibacterial
Smoother than silk
Finer than cashmere
Insulates up to 30% better than merino
When required, is warmer than goose down
Lacks the ‘prickle factor’ associated with wool
Stronger than mohair
Wicks away body moisture
Machine washable
Resistant to stains
Resistant to odours
Virtually water repellent
Not prone to ‘pill and ball’ unlike cashmere & other yarns
Lightweight & lustrous handling
Resistant to wrinkling

If you’re still unsure as to just how good our alpaca products actually are, we can only try and persuade you to try one and experience this wondrous yarn for yourselves. After all, it is known as ‘The fibre of the gods’ and ultimately, ‘touching is believing’…!

Alpaca Profile Shot