Prince George Celebrates 1st Birthday

Prince George, the first son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge or to those who are on more affectionate terms, Prince William and Kate Middleton, has celebrated his 1st birthday and there’s no sign of his popularity wavering!

Those who work alongside the Royal family have apparently disclosed the young Prince has received more than 4,000 gifts since his birth ranging from the more usual presents for babies including clothes, toys and blankets to some which may require a little more of an acquired taste, such as Aston Villa paraphernalia and a fattened bull?!

Of course, being a future King brings about its own responsibilities for other members of state and Royalty throughout the world as they recognise the importance of his birth and subsequently, his first birthday with some unusual gifts to say the least! A crocodile has been named after the Prince which has been given by the chief minister of Australia’s Northern Territory. Due to the complications involved in transporting such hostile presents, it now officially belongs Prince George and remains in Australia. The fattened bull which given to the Prince the Samburu people of Kenya who donated it along with a goat. The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy has said that the bull will be used to start a new “royal herd”.

Prince George’s Clothes

The vast majority of gifts the Duke and Duchess receive for Prince George are passed on to children’s charities especially toys, whilst some of the clothes Prince William and Kate are given for George are kept. We, at Plum of London very much hope that our signature piece, the Royal alpaca cardigan along with the Royal alpaca basket weave V-neck sweater will be amongst those clothes which they’ve received and would like to keep for Prince George. After all, we’re extremely proud of our British knitwear heritage which when combined with what we feel is the best quality yarn in which to clothe children, Royal alpaca is a force which can’t be matched let alone surpassed.

The trip in aid of Prince George’s birthday which his parents treated the young Prince to was quite an inspired choice too – a visit to the Natural History Museum of which the Duchess is patron. Aside from a lucky escape a blue morpho butterfly experienced, the trip was a great success. We do though hope that unlike the morpho butterfly, the young Prince will have no similar experiences as he rises up to the challenge of becoming King.