Plum’s Ethical Alpaca Knitwear Receives Worldwide Recognition

Plum of London - Alpaca Snood & Cable Knit (Women & Men)

Whilst busying ourselves in what seems to be an incredible (and highly frenetic?!) run up to Christmas, we’ve been looking back at how our first year at how our first year is progressing and without wanting to blow our own trumpets, are pretty chuffed with how things have gone! We’ve been blown away on innumerable occasions by what not only the press have said but also the feedback we’ve received when customers have handled our pure alpaca products for the first time- none of them believed that alpaca could feel so soft and cosy!

Trying to decipher why so many people have become so engaged with our brand and products in such a short period of time may be a never-ending mission and we’re only speculating here but it could be because of the truly classic yet pioneering designs that we’ve created for our first range of alpaca clothing to meet modern tastes and demands. First and foremost, we want our products to be enjoyed not only season after season but also throughout the generations. After all, we’re using the best quality alpaca in everything that we create and because alpaca is stronger than mohair and almost indestructible, we feel there’s good reason to believe they will. They could also have been mesmerised by the incredible attributes that pure alpaca garments possess, from the hypoallergenic and breathable qualities to being better performing than merino and when required, warmer than goose down!

They may well also have fallen in love with the brand’s ethos and our mission to promote ethical and sustainable knitwear and clothing, after all, we don’t see any point in doing what we’re doing without educating others of the irreparable and damaging effects that fast-fashion is having not only on our Earth but in everything around us.

Another possible reason for the substantial following that we’ve amassed in a short period of time maybe because we’re manufacturing our entire range of alpaca knitwear and accessories here in Britain- a feat that industry experts have informed us has never before been achieved. We are truly passionate about this and will do our best to revive the British knitwear industry using alpaca yarn which is what we believe is the ‘future of knitwear’.

Admittedly, we haven’t not even gone into much detail in any of the points above but what we can be certain of is that people really do appreciate what we here at Plum HQ are doing and achieving and are falling in love with our entire range of alpaca clothing and accessories. We say, long may it continue!

Here are just a few of the many kind comments and words that our products have received in under a year…

”Launched in 2013 in Britain, the new brand Plum of London quickly became a reference in the kids industry.”
Papier Mache, January 2014

”Plum is a beautiful product.”
Jo Malone, August 2014

”Plum of London, the brand that combines an incredible range of alpaca clothing with a guilt free way to shop.”
The Good Web Guide

”Seriously, forget cashmere, Alpaca and Plum of London make a winning combination.”
The Little Book, Spring/ Summer 2014

Named in Eluxe Magazine’s Top 5 Alpaca brands.
December 2013

Plum of London promotes *Made In Britain* and continues to create its entire range in these shores.

A few of the almost infinite list of benefits Royal Alpaca possesses are as follows;
• Softer, stronger & warmer than cashmere
• Hypoallergenic (contains no lanolin)
• Possesses excellent thermal qualities
• Machine Washable
• Breathable
• Odour, stain & wrinkle resistant
• Stronger than mohair
• Lighter & smoother than silk
• Naturally antibacterial