Plum of London’s Alpaca on Catwalk!

Earlier this summer Make it British, the pioneering organisation achieving huge success in reviving British clothing and manufacturing, held their second Meet The Manufacturer event. The venue was chosen as Tobacco Docks in London, one which offered a magnificent backdrop for another hugely successful celebration, some might say ‘festival’, of making in the UK

In promoting specialist areas throughout England and the rest of the UK, Meet the Manufacturer are including an event allowing key locations to exhibit their craftsmanship, knowledge and expertise. Leicestershire was the first in the British Isles to organise their own fashion show to exhibit the county’s ability to create masterful and eye-catching clothing and accessories for highly esteemed British brands, one of whom was ourselves!

Made in Leic. Fashion Photo

The county has a deep rooted knowledge and affinity in fashion and Leicestershire Textiles Hub is committed to champion and connect local manufacturers with both global and young brands to help both realise their ambitions.

We here at Plum of London were flattered to have been recognised and requested to provide some of pieces from our inaugural collection of Royal alpaca women’s and men’s accessories for the fashion show and so of course, obliged. See our Royal alpaca beanies, pure alpaca scarves and cotton and Royal alpaca shawls featured on the catwalk in Meet The Manufacturer’s video…