Prince George & Princess Charlotte in Plum of London

It’s been well known for some time that Prince George’s Christening Shawl was made by G.H. Hurt in their Nottinghamshire lace mill but not many know that he and Princess Charlotte also own a Plum of London Christening Shawl crafted in the world’s finest alpaca by the same mill!

G.H. Hurt have been supplying the very best lace knitwear since 1912 from their ”Shawl Factory” in Nottingham, England. The specialist lace knitwear company has been owned by the same family for over 100 years and is currently presided over by Mr Henry Hurt, grandson of the company’s founder George Henry Hurt.

The Duchess of Cambridge was holding HRH Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana wrapped in the company’s Elegant Soft Wool Baby Shawl as she emerged from St Mary’s Hospital for the first time in May whilst Prince George was seen in GH Hurt’s Super-fine merino wool shawl in 2013 .
The quality of the wool and merino christening shawls however don’t offer as many qualities or attributes as our very own suitably named Royal alpaca fibre which has been ethically sourced from South America.

Plum - Pure Alpaca Baby Shawl

100% Royal alpaca Christening Shawl by Plum of London

There are numerous benefits that Royal alpaca yarn offers new born babies that many are not even aware of; it’s hypoallergenic, breathable, naturally antibacterial and possesses incredible thermal qualities- better even than merino. The softness of each piece crafted from this wondrous fibre is breath-taking: some say that it’s even softer than the finest cashmere – avid followers and lovers of alpaca clothing and knitwear are often surprised at actually how well Royal alpaca yarn handles. The attributes of Royal alpaca yarn doesn’t stop there either- it boasts incredible durability falling just behind the strongest of all natural yarns, silk.

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We continue to receive wonderful feedback from all who have adorned their new-born babies in our Royal alpaca Christening Shawls and look forward to the chance to adorn more babies in our luxury shawls in the future.