Men’s British Heritage Brand Opens In Mayfair

This AW season, we’ve seen a number of Men’s British Heritage brands launch their collections to receive huge praise in the process! Major international brands have been no slouches either as we witness some incredible collections from all over the world. We’ve also found that a number British brands have diversified to offer a full collection and offer an all-year-round, versatile clothing range can be worn in any situations and every location the fast-paced modern life’s that we find ourselves. We hasten to add that this is whilst maintaining their respective message, ethos and style for everyday use. Think beach, sun, swimming and sailing to winter, snow, ice and skiing! No small feat! Further to this, there are those British heritage brands who have changed their ‘voice’ in order to keep fully in line with the ever changing landscape of customers’ ideals, wants and ultimately needs. 2015 won’t be just another year that passes us by, it is the year that will go down in history as a major re-design in the fashion, clothing and wearable landscape!

Turnbull and Asser, the Jermyn shirt makers famed not only for their Royal warrant and a history of dressing the world’s most eminent gentleman but also for their 3 button cuffs, bold patterns and exquisite cloths used throughout their luxury range have adopted some new tactics to draw in the next generation of customers. In the last few seasons, the gentleman’s British heritage brand introduced some new styles to ther shirt range (slim fit, button down collar and the Informalist shirts), whilst the launch of a range of tailored shorts, a wide variety of ties and some more casual outerwear has allowed them to seep into the consciousness of the younger gentleman who might ordinarily have gone elsewhere to source the more contemporary’s styles they yearn for. The iconic English brand’s forward and smart thinking doesn’t stop there- they’ve just recently launched what is surprisingly only their second shop in London in 130 years. Admittedly, they’ve had a concession in the world famous Harrods department store for some time, now located in the contemporary menswear section of the Knightsbridge favourite which has provided them to stand alongside similar men’s continental Italian brand’s such as Brioni, Pal Zileri, Salvatore Ferragamo and the exquisite French shirtmaker, Charvet. This has therefore provided them with a new and diverse clientele but their new Mayfair shop will provide them with so much more.

Turnbull & Asser finally have their second ready to wear shop in London, news which is a welcome reprieve for many as it offer others them the opportunity to peruse and purchase the British heritage brand’s exquisite shirting, Scottish knitwear, fabrics and suits as well as many other fine gentleman’s accessories. Many will say that it’s not before time, but least there’s now another option for those eager to own a James Bond Dinner Jacket or a piece of Scottish cashmere knitwear made in one of Scotland’s best mills. You can’t get better than that we hear you cry! Well, not unless it’s alpaca knitwear of course!