Buy British Day 2015

For some reason, the ‘Made in Britain’ label has long been held in high esteem overseas but not quite as appreciated within these shores – that’s why Buy British Day has been launched. Best of Britannia’s aim is to create one day where everyone is actively thinking, breathing, buying, wearing and eating British!

The BOB team firmly believe that the provenance of what we buy is increasingly important to the UK as well much as it is to the international consumer and are confident that the quality of each and every product is easily identified thanks to the skill and craftsmanship that our British manufacturing industry can boast.

Menswear blogger The Grey Fox recently wrote, “In writing about British menswear brands for some years, I’ve come to realise that there is a common thread to them all. They all have fascinating stories to tell; stories about how they started, about their craftsmen and women, their suppliers or the raw materials they use.”

There will be a great deal of activity online on social media as well as in publications so we urge you to show as much encouragement for this incredibly worthwhile day as possible! Use the hashtag #BuyBritishDay to bolster support!

To learn more about Buy British Day, watch this video: