Best British Men’s Brands

Plum of London admires many brands but those we feel are the best British men’s brands form an elite list. As Englishman, the quality of the clothes we produce is something that we should look to with great pride. The tradition, heritage and innovation that have been employed by some of the greatest British brands in the world should feed this pride and the extraordinary craft that goes into making a Savile Row suit or a pair of Northampton-made shoes deserves to be celebrated.

Gieves & Hawkes
If the brand’s position at No1 Savile Row isn’t enough, then surely their three royal warrants will prove to you the incredible longevity of Gieves & Hawkes. Gentlemen from Winston Churchill and Prince Charles to David Beckham have long been fans of the world famous brand, and the tailor prides itself on the exquisite attention to detail placed on each and every stitch, whether it’s an off the peg blazer or a bespoke suit.

Turnbull & Asser
This is admittedly one of our favourite Men’s British brands. When it comes to shirt-making, there are very few brands that live up to the expectations of the marvellous Turnbull & Asser. Expertly crafted products made in their own unique way and with quality at the heart-centre is what the brand, which was established in England in 1885, prides itself on. Many of the Turnbull & Asser craftspeople have over two decades of experience between them, and with the Royal family holding the brand close to their hearts from day one, you know you’re buying into an incredible piece of history.

Another favourite of Winston Churchill’s, the brand also has Princess Diana and Ian Fleming on its books, and continues to have pride of place both in Britain and all over the world.The fragrance you spray should be as unique as the suit you wear, and there’s no better brand for the scent of a lifetime than Floris. As the oldest independent family run perfumer in the world, you’d be right to assume that the brand knows a thing or two about scent; they have been creating rare and beautiful fragrances since 1730.

Crockett & Jones
The esteemed shoemaker of Northampton is certainly our favourite men’s show brand here Plum of London HQ. The 5th generation family-managed business has since paid the utmost attention to creating seriously high quality and beautiful footwear that’s guaranteed to take you through all walks of life.

Alfred Dunhill took over his fathers equine-goods store in 1893 and doubled its turnover within six months. And so, whether it was creating the lighters that the brand became so well-known for, or making bespoke blazers that’ll last you a lifetime, dunhill remains as ahead of the game now as it was over 100 years ago.dunhill has always been one of the most innovative British brands in the world. Iconic and always with a strong sense of its own message, dunhill has paved the way for many other Great British design houses who have drawn inspiration from their ethos.

Whether through their guns or field-wear, Purdey is a true representation of British craftsmanship in the highest form. Since the brand’s establishment in 1814, they have been leading the way for gun and rifle makers all over the world.

Holland and Holland
The brand has held its own at the forefront of great British design for over a century.Their unconventional establishment in 1835 hasn’t stopped Holland and Holland from being at the pinnacle of British gun-making. Coming from a tobacconists background, Harris Holland initially founded his brand as a passion project after developing a keen interest in competition shooting and thus his need for a bespoke gun. You can guess the rest…

Lock & Co
Top hats and fedoras are an accessory synonymous with the English gentleman and Lock & Co are the brand to go to for such an item. Heritage and tradition are at the heart of Lock & Co’s ethos, and since the brands been around since the 1600s, they play a large part in every one of their hats.

Johnstons of Elgin
No British list such as this would be complete without the inclusion of an incredible cashmere brand, which is where Johnstons of Elgin comes in. Since it was first established in 1797, the company is still run by the same two families that started it, the Johnson’s and the Harrisons.

Geo F. Trumper
Geo F. Trumper is a British barber than stands out time after time in a continuously saturated market, and one that works with tradition at the base of everything it does. It’s been on the scene since the 19th century and still remains to rival all other modern barbers in the country through its two locations on Duke of York Street and Curzon Street.

Hardy Amies
When you think Savile Row, you think Hardy Amies. Sir Edwin Hardy Amies himself was best known during his time as an official dressmaker for Queen Elizabeth II. The tailor is one of the most highly respected in the world and with clients such as the Royal Family, when you purchase anything from you brand you can be sure that you’ll be in good company.

Emma Willis
With the factory sitting in the middle of Gloucester in a beautiful 18th century townhouse, Emma Willis is about as British as it gets. The brand creates some of the most luxurious shirts, boxer shorts, pyjamas and dressing gowns in the world; clothes truly fit for a gentleman and bespoke items that will last you a lifetime.

William & Son
William & Son prides itself on its heritage, history and iconic, distinctly British design: attention to detail is one factor that will never be overlooked.