The Benefits of Alpaca Knitwear in the Summer

It is a common misconception that all knitwear is only suitable for those colder days, some may even go as far to say that knitwear should only be worn in winter, but the numerous qualities of alpaca fibre happily contradict this notion.
As Spring slowly encroaches, at least for those of us based in the Northern Hemisphere, many fondly welcome the lengthening days and warmer climes that seemed almost alien to them just a few weeks ago. Some may get a little over excited by donning their shorts and flip flops as soon as the sun makes an appearance for longer then 30 minutes, even though the outside temperature would certainly not advise this (!) but happily, it is the changing seasons that offers us new opportunities and activities in which to look forward to.
Sport in the British winter months generally revolve around football, rugby, cycling, field sports and skiing whilst the summer offers us the chance to get out on the tennis court, golf course or cricket pitch among others. We usually have to wrap up if we’re going for walks during winter in anything and everything from alpaca, cashmere and wool to chunky hats, Barbour jackets and Le Chameau welly boots. Most would hope that from May onwards we’d have the choice to wear shorts T-Shirts and trainers but for those of us in Britain, that is a luxury we often do not have. Knowing that summer evenings and those chillier days warrant another layer of clothing, some may consider merino, cotton, cashmere, wool and even silk knitwear to protect them from the unwanted chill but few would ever consider alpaca. This may be because they’ve heard of the incredible warmth and thermal qualities that this very special fibre offers but have not yet been made aware of its incredible breathable, thermostatic and versatile qualities. Let us inform you that the same weight of pure alpaca knitwear insulates 30% better than merino whilst it can also claim to be warmer than cashmere, wool and even goose down. It is believed that because of the thermostatic properties which protect and insulate the alpaca at heights of up to 6400m that the Altiplano boasts and in temperatures ranging from +26C in the summer to -20c in the winter, pure alpaca clothing keeps the wearer warm when it’s cold and hot when it’s not! The body temperature of someone wearing pure alpaca clothing and knitwear will therefore be regulated meaning that alpaca is the perfect fibre in which to wear not just in the colder winter months but in the warmer summer months too.
The attributes of alpaca knitwear and accessories also allow each garment to wick away body moisture which also helps keep the wearer’s body temperature constant at all times.
The advantages and benefits that alpaca fibre boasts don’t stop there either… Alpaca fibre is immensely strong- it is stronger even than mohair and second in strength only to silk. Alpaca garments have been found in almost perfect condition in ancient Peruvian ruins dating back 2000 years!
We are therefore confident that having read just some of the above listed benefits of alpaca yarn, you too will be believe there is literally no better fibre, animal or man made in which to wear during both the summer and winter months for a variety of activities from high performance sports such as skiing and running to hill climbing and walking.
You might now be forgiven for wearing an alpaca T-Shirt in Edinburgh at -10c in January and an alpaca jumper in Dubai in +31c…!