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Plum of London Launches Menswear Collection

The luxury British knitwear label Plum of London, is widely known for its adult accessories and childrenswear, working exclusively with pure Royal alpaca yarn:

Feedback from clients has been very strong with the brand’s potential already being recognised by Wolf and Badger, who currently stock the label’s adult accessories. The Good Web Guide also identified the label’s ‘original and truly unique products’, whilst Papier Mache Magazine recently said ‘’Launched in 2013, Plum of London quickly became a reference in the Children’s fashion industry.’’

According to Andean mythology, alpacas were given as a gift to the Incas in Peru. Their society was literally ‘woven together’ by alpaca fleece with the very best reserved to clothe royalty and nobility. It has since been referred to as ‘’The Fibre of the Gods’’, but only now is Western society starting to appreciate its incredible attributes and true value (as soft as cashmere, yet warmer and stronger).

Plum of London’s inaugural collection has been created in vibrant colours and stylish designs to meet the most discerning customers’ modern tastes. The label launched with a range of adult accessories alongside childrenswear, whilst baby and home accessories complete the range. The brand’s entire offering has been extremely well received.

The incredible interest Plum of London has already generated within 7 months has persuaded the brand to immediately commence work on a Menswear Collection. The first collection will include pure Royal alpaca knitwear pieces all of which will be made in Britain; cardigans, V-necks and half-zip sweaters will all feature as will a second range of accessories.

Wolf and Badger are consequently holding a Trunk Show for the brand at their Dover Street store on Saturday 10th May where the brand will showcase their new menswear range. The Founder and Creative Director of Plum of London Hugo Douglass, will also be present to talk to customers not only about the instant success of the brand, but also the exciting prospects the future holds for alpaca garments.

Plum of London has also held talks with several British Men’s heritage brands to design a pure alpaca knitwear collection to add to their current offering – more news will be announced soon.