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Positive Luxury Meets Plum of London

In recognition of Plum of London’s recent achievement in being awarded the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury, the founder of the ethical alpaca brand was recently interviewed and offers his thoughts on everything sustainable, British and of course alpaca.


Tell us a little about the origins of Plum of London
A few years ago, owing to a number of sudden events in both a personal and professional capacity, I had the opportunity to do work with a knitwear brand which is where I first experienced the incredible attributes, qualities and benefits of alpaca fibre. The Incan society was literally ‘woven together’ by alpaca fleece with the very best reserved to clothe royalty and nobility and has since been referred to as ‘’The Fibre of the Gods’’, but only now is Western society starting to appreciate its incredible attributes and true value. Knowing that alpaca yarn was for some reason underappreciated in Western society, I saw an opportunity to create ethical and sustainable alpaca clothing which has the potential to revolutionise the knitwear industry. Armed with a strong desire to support the British knitwear industry, I then sourced sympathetic mills who can all be attributed in helping me realise my ambitions: to create sustainable and eco-friendly luxury British knitwear using ethically sourced alpaca yarn. This remains firmly at the heart of the Plum of London brand

What’s your vision as you take the brand forward?
To provide others with the belief and evidence that alpaca is the future of knitwear an quite possibly clothing. With this, I believe that alpaca can change people’s lives and ultimately the environment for the better. It’s an incredibly versatile and highly adroit yarn meaning that it’s purely a matter of time before other are fully informed, educated and have been made aware of what this yarn’s true capabilities. By continuing to create clothing which meets the ethical values our environment deserves whilst ensuring that the needs of the increasingly demanding consumer requires, we will create an evolving brand which will remain at the forefront of sustainably pioneering clothing and allow us to be a key influence in the future.

What are the benefits of alpaca over wool?
A huge and significant number! Alpaca fibre truly is incredible and needs to be handled first-hand in order to be fully appreciated. We do find that many people have quite negative preconceptions of alpaca but thanks not only to the incredible qualities of the fibre but also our ability to revolutionise the manufacture of alpaca yarn, the quality and handle of our products is exceptional and amazes all who come across them. Essentially, the first comment we hear when is that alpaca’s incredibly soft – its handle is far superior to wool – it’s always softer than they’d imagined. Alpaca also lacks the prickle factor associated with wool and merino whilst some claim that it’s even softer than cashmere. Royal alpaca is better performing than merino both in breathability and thermal qualities, hypoallergenic, naturally antibacterial and possesses incredible strength – it’s stronger even than mohair. I could go on – alpaca is mesmerising but I don’t want to bore you!

Why is made in Britain so important?
Often, the made in Britain label is seen merely as a reference to something traditional or heritage whilst avoiding the significant part it actually plays but it would be a mistake to undervalue its importance. Not only do we have a chance to support our own highly skilled workers who have shown huge resilience over the centuries but we strongly believe that alpaca not only has the ability to help revive the British knitwear industry but also revolutionise knitwear itself. The versatility and adaptability Britain has shown from the invention of the first knitting machine in 1589, to the industrial revolution and more recently to Scotland – famed for its cashmere production, the decline of the industry would be devastating to the communities which were not only built upon it but once thrived because of it.
Our desire to continue the historic achievements of the British knitwear industry is not simply nostalgia, it is borne out of a creditable belief that using our highly skilled workers, we can create a better product which will be revered and cherished the world over. After all, our aim is to create truly indispensable sustainable fashion which will be adorned and loved for many future years and shun the fast-fashion mentality that is all too prevalent on today’s high street and this is a trend we need to buck at the earliest opportunity.

How can consumers be assured they are buying from a brand they can trust?
Ultimately, it all comes down to the transparency of the brand. It is their responsibility first and foremost to provide a suitable level of engagement with the consumer and offer the relevant information. There are a number of new marketing techniques brands are adopting to raise their exposure and to promote their values which are wide and varied but thanks to organisations such as Positive Luxury, it is becoming a little easier for the consumer to fully appreciate the philosophies and ideals that various brands possess.

How do you think the textiles industry can influence consumer demand for sustainable and ethical production?
By creating durable and high performance products which are made to last. The tendency to use synthetic materials, the production of which also has a major detrimental impact on our environment, is culpable of the increasing woes our planet is experiencing. If we can source materials ethically, conscientiously and responsibly, we will soon be in a position to reverse this course. The ‘throw away mentality’ that seems to be imbedded in the psyche of today’s western society can also be halted as the consumer will become more acutely aware of the dangers their current shopping habits will have both socially and environmentally if maintained.

Describe Plum of London in three words:
Sustainably pioneering alpaca

Plum of London Triumphs At Junior Design Awards 2015

Junior - Highly Commended

Plum of London receives highly prestigious award in the Best Eco-Fashion Brand category in the Junior Design Awards 2015.

The alpaca knitwear brand Plum of London, is delighted to announce that Junior Design Awards 2015 has ‘Highly Commended’ their ethical range of luxury children’s knitwear.

Often referred to as ‘Vogue for children’, Junior Magazine has always showcased the very best in beautifully designed, exquisitely crafted products and lifestyle brands for the discerning and style conscious parent. Every year, parenting and family brands, products and experiences are judged against each other in order to bring their readers the ‘cream of the crop’.

Competing for the Best Eco-Fashion Brand, Plum of London’s exquisite range of British made children’s alpaca knitwear and accessories was assessed by this year’s meticulous judging panel and faced stern competition so were extremely proud to have received such an esteemed award. The brand’s founder Hugo Douglass, commented “We believe in our product as well as in our business practices but to be recognised for our endeavours is extremely fulfilling. Given that, as yet, few people are aware of the incredible benefits of alpaca yarn, we thought our journey might be longer than others’ but to be acknowledged in this manner confirms that we’re on the right track.”

With other entrants including Harrods, Marks and Spencer, Mothercare, Frugi and Jigsaw Junior, the competition was always going to be fierce but thanks to an informed and knowledgeable judging panel, the true winners had no trouble in shining through. The singer Rachel Stevens, designer Olivia Rubin, journalist Erika Davies and Editor of Prima Baby magazine Kelly Beswick were just a few members of the judging panel at this year’s awards.

Plum of London was launched in 2014 with the premise to create ethical and sustainable luxury knitwear using the world’s finest yarn, Royal alpaca. With a desire to support and ultimately revive the British knitwear industry, each piece has been expertly crafted in sympathetic knitting and weaving mills throughout England and Scotland to push the boundaries in knitwear fashion. These mills can all be attributed in helping the brand realise its ambitions: to create sustainable and eco-friendly luxury British knitwear using ethically sourced alpaca yarn. This remains firmly at the heart of the Plum of London brand.

Plum of London x Positive Luxury


PL-TrustMark_black                      The luxury British knitwear label Plum of London has received recognition for its sustainable practices and has been awarded the Butterfly Mark

“Positive Luxury” has awarded the sustainable alpaca knitwear brand Plum of London, with the Butterfly Mark for its outstanding commitment to championing positive initiatives on both a local and global level. These achievements have led to Plum of London’s recognition by the advisory board of Positive Luxury as a Positive Brand of 2015.

Plum of London has completed and excelled the assessment and verification process by the Positive Luxury advisory board including leading experts such as Dilys Williams – Director of the Centre of Sustainable Fashion, Sir Jonathon Porritt – founder of Forum for the Future, Patrick Laine – CEO of Better Cotton Initiative and Nigel Salter – co-founder of SalterBaxter. Positive Luxury awards the Butterfly Mark to brands that have a positive impact on both people and the planet.

“We are delighted to receive the Butterfly Mark because we firmly believe that sustainable action, particularly in the luxury fashion market not only consolidates our brand’s reputation but also enhances its competitiveness” says Plum of London’s Founder Hugo Douglass. “We go to great lengths to ensure that we’re innovators in all practices concerning sustainability and alpaca – it is at the very core of all that we do and to receive recognition for this is a great honour. If we can be respectful to our partners, the communities in which we live and remain respectful to our planet’s finite resources, we will enjoy long-term success as a company.’’

In being awarded the Butterfly Mark, Plum of London stands alongside many highly esteemed brands who have been recognised for their conscientious and methodical approach to improving both their ethical and sustainable credentials. These brands include but are not exclusive of Gucci, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Alexander McQueen. If other global brands can share the same desire and ambition to provide consumers with a greater level of trust and transparency in all their dealings, the world and its inherent beliefs will no doubt change for the better. Armed with Brand Ambassadors including actor Adam Garcia, journalist Celia Walden and philanthropist and humanitarian Alisa Swidler, the company’s ultimate aim will surely soon be realised.

Plum of London strives to create a diverse and conscientious environment combining the same meticulous approach to their positive initiatives as they bring to each of their luxury knitted and woven alpaca pieces. As many similarities have been made and comparisons drawn, some commentators have likened the luxury British alpaca brand to that of Brunello Cucinelli’s eponymous cashmere brand. Perhaps Plum of London will indeed become Britain’s answer to the ‘King of Cashmere’ some day or as they will no doubt prefer to be known, the ‘King of Alpaca.’

Prince George & Princess Charlotte in Plum of London

It’s been well known for some time that Prince George’s Christening Shawl was made by G.H. Hurt in their Nottinghamshire lace mill but not many know that he and Princess Charlotte also own a Plum of London Christening Shawl crafted in the world’s finest alpaca by the same mill!

G.H. Hurt have been supplying the very best lace knitwear since 1912 from their ”Shawl Factory” in Nottingham, England. The specialist lace knitwear company has been owned by the same family for over 100 years and is currently presided over by Mr Henry Hurt, grandson of the company’s founder George Henry Hurt.

The Duchess of Cambridge was holding HRH Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana wrapped in the company’s Elegant Soft Wool Baby Shawl as she emerged from St Mary’s Hospital for the first time in May whilst Prince George was seen in GH Hurt’s Super-fine merino wool shawl in 2013 .
The quality of the wool and merino christening shawls however don’t offer as many qualities or attributes as our very own suitably named Royal alpaca fibre which has been ethically sourced from South America.

Plum - Pure Alpaca Baby Shawl

100% Royal alpaca Christening Shawl by Plum of London

There are numerous benefits that Royal alpaca yarn offers new born babies that many are not even aware of; it’s hypoallergenic, breathable, naturally antibacterial and possesses incredible thermal qualities- better even than merino. The softness of each piece crafted from this wondrous fibre is breath-taking: some say that it’s even softer than the finest cashmere – avid followers and lovers of alpaca clothing and knitwear are often surprised at actually how well Royal alpaca yarn handles. The attributes of Royal alpaca yarn doesn’t stop there either- it boasts incredible durability falling just behind the strongest of all natural yarns, silk.

To learn more of the incredible attributes of Royal alpaca yarn, visit:

We continue to receive wonderful feedback from all who have adorned their new-born babies in our Royal alpaca Christening Shawls and look forward to the chance to adorn more babies in our luxury shawls in the future.

Buy British Day 2015

For some reason, the ‘Made in Britain’ label has long been held in high esteem overseas but not quite as appreciated within these shores – that’s why Buy British Day has been launched. Best of Britannia’s aim is to create one day where everyone is actively thinking, breathing, buying, wearing and eating British!

The BOB team firmly believe that the provenance of what we buy is increasingly important to the UK as well much as it is to the international consumer and are confident that the quality of each and every product is easily identified thanks to the skill and craftsmanship that our British manufacturing industry can boast.

Menswear blogger The Grey Fox recently wrote, “In writing about British menswear brands for some years, I’ve come to realise that there is a common thread to them all. They all have fascinating stories to tell; stories about how they started, about their craftsmen and women, their suppliers or the raw materials they use.”

There will be a great deal of activity online on social media as well as in publications so we urge you to show as much encouragement for this incredibly worthwhile day as possible! Use the hashtag #BuyBritishDay to bolster support!

To learn more about Buy British Day, watch this video:

Alexa Chung & Vogue Dispel Fashion Doubts

British Vogue have launched their long awaited feature series about the fashion industry, presented by model, fashion ‘it girl’ and presenter Alexa Chung.

“Chung will be talking to everyone from current fashion students to the heads of major design houses, via journalists, buyers and all the workers in between” Vogue Associate Producer Venetia van Hoorn Alkema has said of the documentary.

“Her goal is to find out what the future holds for this multi-billion pound industry; how the next generation will get careers using all the tools available to them; and what the landscape looks like.”

Condé Nast UK’s own Danielle Bennison-Brown, who is director of video content said: “It’s very much about trying to educate people on how fantastic the fashion industry is…”

The aim is to not only inform those who have misconceptions of the fashion industry but to stress its importance and need not only to those in Great Britain, but also the positive impact it has throughout the world.

Future episodes will feature hot topics such as sustainability and technology so there’ s plenty of serious material to come. The first series has been extremely well received, let’s hope it the remainder of it makes a significant and long-lasting impression.

Watch the video in full below.

Men’s British Heritage Brand Opens In Mayfair

This AW season, we’ve seen a number of Men’s British Heritage brands launch their collections to receive huge praise in the process! Major international brands have been no slouches either as we witness some incredible collections from all over the world. We’ve also found that a number British brands have diversified to offer a full collection and offer an all-year-round, versatile clothing range can be worn in any situations and every location the fast-paced modern life’s that we find ourselves. We hasten to add that this is whilst maintaining their respective message, ethos and style for everyday use. Think beach, sun, swimming and sailing to winter, snow, ice and skiing! No small feat! Further to this, there are those British heritage brands who have changed their ‘voice’ in order to keep fully in line with the ever changing landscape of customers’ ideals, wants and ultimately needs. 2015 won’t be just another year that passes us by, it is the year that will go down in history as a major re-design in the fashion, clothing and wearable landscape!

Turnbull and Asser, the Jermyn shirt makers famed not only for their Royal warrant and a history of dressing the world’s most eminent gentleman but also for their 3 button cuffs, bold patterns and exquisite cloths used throughout their luxury range have adopted some new tactics to draw in the next generation of customers. In the last few seasons, the gentleman’s British heritage brand introduced some new styles to ther shirt range (slim fit, button down collar and the Informalist shirts), whilst the launch of a range of tailored shorts, a wide variety of ties and some more casual outerwear has allowed them to seep into the consciousness of the younger gentleman who might ordinarily have gone elsewhere to source the more contemporary’s styles they yearn for. The iconic English brand’s forward and smart thinking doesn’t stop there- they’ve just recently launched what is surprisingly only their second shop in London in 130 years. Admittedly, they’ve had a concession in the world famous Harrods department store for some time, now located in the contemporary menswear section of the Knightsbridge favourite which has provided them to stand alongside similar men’s continental Italian brand’s such as Brioni, Pal Zileri, Salvatore Ferragamo and the exquisite French shirtmaker, Charvet. This has therefore provided them with a new and diverse clientele but their new Mayfair shop will provide them with so much more.

Turnbull & Asser finally have their second ready to wear shop in London, news which is a welcome reprieve for many as it offer others them the opportunity to peruse and purchase the British heritage brand’s exquisite shirting, Scottish knitwear, fabrics and suits as well as many other fine gentleman’s accessories. Many will say that it’s not before time, but least there’s now another option for those eager to own a James Bond Dinner Jacket or a piece of Scottish cashmere knitwear made in one of Scotland’s best mills. You can’t get better than that we hear you cry! Well, not unless it’s alpaca knitwear of course!



Plum of London’s Alpaca Clothing Receives High Praise

Plum of London’s Royal alpaca clothing constantly receives high praise from both those who are familiar with alpaca knitwear and others who haven’t yet experienced the qualities and benefits that ‘the gold of the Andes’ offers.

The knitwear designers at Plum HQ are always vociferous and regularly exclaim their appreciation for the many benefits, attributes and qualities that Royal alpaca yarn offers. The subsequent opportunities that the cherished yarn provides the team with the ability to create some truly ground-breaking styles and innovative designs. This will not only revolutionise the knitwear industry but also assist us in our quest to create eco-friendly alpaca clothing that promotes ethical values and sustainable practices. Whilst alpacas themselves can be regarded as one of the few animals to claim eco-friendly credentials, the ethos behind the brand is to promote the skills British knitwear industry and unique craftsmanship that the British industry has honed and perfected. This results in alpaca clothing that boasts attributes including as soft as cashmere, better performing than merino, hypoallergenic, breathable and warmer than goose down to name but a few.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to appreciate the long-term benefits alpaca clothing, knitwear and woven accessories provides, we’ve listed just a few of the ever-increasing number of compliments and feedback we receive as reason enough to experience the incredible yarn for yourself;

”Good evening, thank you for my items, which arrived today. Not only are the items lovely but I felt the need to drop you a line to say I like the personable way you do business. In a world of poorly worded emails and badly stuffed envelopes, it has made a pleasant change. With best wishes” Ms T.Smith, England.

”Hello I Just wanted to say thank you and how pleased i am with my recent order. I love the colour and feel and quality of the alpaca. The hat is warm without being heavy and sweaty like most hats. The ‘man snood’ as i call it is very comfortable around the neck and head, very comfortable item to wear.
The order came quickly, beautifully packaged and feels like a top quality product. I’m really keen to only buy products of this nature if i can afford them. I wish you every success and i am really happy with my purchase. Well done and thank you.” Revd. A.B. Midlands, England.

”The parcel arrived yesterday and I am very, very pleased with the scarf and the snoods! Wonderful products, I am sure I will come back to Plum of London! Thank you and kind regards from Finland.” Ms S.M. Jaali, Finland.

”Hello, I’m emailing you back to thank you for your email and specially for the nice scarf which I’ve got today, looks very good. I’m happy with the purchase and the service as well, thank you again and keep the good work up. Best Regards, Y.E.” London, UK.

”Just wanted to say – this is the BEST warmest scarf! It’s below -12 F degrees out and it blocks wind and keeps me nice and snug! Can’t wait for my neck scarf, ideally I could be encased in some kind of alpaca chrysalis!” Ms L.P. Chicago, USA.

We look forward to the day that you too can write something similar about Plum of London’s alpaca clothing and accessories – we’re sure you’ll be converted soon enough!

Beating The Autumn Chill With Alpaca & Plum of London

It’s barely autumn yet it feels like winter – let alpaca bring some warmth back into your life again!

The team here at Plum of London have been working our socks off (alpaca of course), over the last year to bring you a new Autumn Winter Collection which we believe is our best yet! ‘But you’ve only launched one collection of luxury Royal alpaca garments’ we hear you cry. Yes, this is true, but by jove have we got some exciting new and revolutionary alpaca knitwear for you to feast your eyes upon in the not so distant future! All good things come to those who wait…!

Our hugely creative design team have been piecing together what we feel is the best of the best, a combination of the highest grade alpaca yarn in the most stylish, functional and wearable designs found on the planet, that will transcend many fashions for years to come. Undoubtedly, we’re striving to create ethical and eco-friendly alpaca knitwear which offers sustainable fashion and has a much smaller impact on both our environment and historic communities, whether they be in Britain, South America or elsewhere.

The young but highly accomplished British knitwear designers that have been tasked to create yet more revolutionary alpaca knitwear have, we believe, come up trumps. We very much doubt that you’ll be able to find alpaca garments which boast as many qualities as ours and still look exquisite and breathtakingly beautiful. There are many other brands who have launched their own range of alpaca knitwear this season which is an encouraging sign – we always welcome others who start to

It’s barely autumn yet it feels like winter – let alpaca bring some warmth back into your life again!

The team here at Plum of London have been working our socks off (alpaca of course), over the last year to bring you a new Autumn Winter Collection which we believe is our best yet! ‘But you’ve only launched one collection of luxury Royal alpaca garments’ we hear you cry. Yes, this is true, but by jove have we got some exciting new and revolutionary alpaca knitwear for you to feast your eyes upon in the not so distant future! All good things come to those who wait…!

Our hugely enterprising and creative design team have been piecing together what we feel is the best of the best, a combination of the highest grade alpaca yarn in the most stylish, functional and wearable designs that will transcend many fashions for years to come. Undoubtedly, this is what we strive to achieve; to create ethical, eco-friendly alpaca knitwear which offers sustainable fashion and has a much smaller impact on both our environment and historic communities, whether they be in Britain, South America, USA or elsewhere.

The young but highly accomplished British knitwear designers that have been tasked to create yet more revolutionary alpaca knitwear have, we believe, come up trumps. We very much doubt that you’ll be able to find alpaca garments which boast as many qualities as ours and still look exquisite and breathtakingly beautiful.

There are many other brands who have launched their own range of alpaca knitwear this season which is indeed an encouraging sign – we always welcome others who appreciate the true versatility and luxury that alpaca and in particular, Royal alpaca offers with open arms, as well as its sustainable and ethical values. It is true that these labels may have a stronger following than us so will undoubtedly pack a greater punch when enticing potential customers, but ultimately being one of the first members of the ever-increasing number of admirers, brands and fans that alpaca attracts, it is wonderful to know that the prodigious attributes of alpaca is spreading at a pace faster than we could have imagined. It is also somewhat flattering knowing that these established labels have joined our ranks as they have only just seen something incredibly special in alpaca and can only now finally project its infinite potential.

There is much anticipation abound by what Plum of London will present in our new collections of both Royal alpaca knitwear and baby alpaca woven accessories – we may even launch some Royal alpaca woven pieces as well as baby alpaca knitwear but one thing is for sure, you won’t be disappointed by our AW15 range of alpaca clothing! After all, the Incan society did name alpaca ‘the fibre of the gods’. Maybe you too will soon be wearing an ethereal piece of alpaca knitwear, but for the moment, our clandestine manner will prevail and no doubt toy with your virtue of patience…


Plum of London’s Luxury Alpaca Knitwear Goes Skiing!

The innovative British knitwear label, Plum of London sent several members of its team to Verbier earlier this month to carry out ‘field research’ (or that’s what we called it!), to see how our luxury alpaca knitwear performed when skiing. Essentially, the excursion was designed to allow us to measure the thermostatic properties that alpaca offers whilst enduring a high-performance sport such as skiing which would allow us to create the best range of ski and snowboard apparel made using pure alpaca. This comprised of analysing alpaca knitwear’s breathability, insulation, moisture wicking and water repellent properties to help us devise alpaca clothing, garments and accessories which would perform at the highest possible level for skiers, snowboarders and walkers alike. We wouldn’t want to restrict our men’s and women’s alpaca clothing range to just those groups of people, in fact our forthcoming alpaca ranges will suit anyone wishing to wear the highest performing apparel available on the market. Think Icebreaker in alpaca, but better.
We here at Plum HQ have always enthused about the seemingly infinite benefits and attributes that innovative alpaca clothing and accessories can offer to performance skiwear and we’re delighted to say that our latest study into the suitability of alpaca clothing would perform exceptionally well for skiers at all levels. If you’re out on the slopes in Klosters in the Alps, Aspen in the Rockies, Mount Buller in Australia and Niseko in Japan, we’re sure that everyone can benefit from the wondrous qualities that our British made alpaca clothing and accessories can offer. Here’s a member of our team testing our luxury alpaca clothing whilst paragliding…

2015-04-17 11.35.22
Plum of London’s team of sports performance specialists have known for a long time now that pure alpaca clothing of both the knitted and woven varieties is up to 30% better insulating that merino, warmer than goose down (when required), breathable, possesses unrivalled odour, stain and water resistant qualities and is extremely strong and incredibly durable- it’s second in strength only to silk! You may say that if alpaca clothing possesses this many qualities and if it’s better performing than merino and warmer than goose down and stronger than cashmere, then why has this opportunity not been realised before. Well, the short answer is that it has, but predominantly only by those countries where alpacas originate, that being Bolivia, Peru and Chile in South America. We are however finding that one or two companies are cropping up internationally who have recognised the opportunity and have started to offer some exceptional alpaca clothing and accessories which we’ll feature in a further post, Plum of London included. It is now a time to educate and inform others of the attributes and qualities that alpaca clothing and accessories can offer when pursuing high-performance sports and this, as we have often stated, is one of our missions. Below is a picture of Verbier in March. That day reached tempertures of above 24 degrees proving that high performance apparel is required in ski resorts which possesses breathable, moisture wicking and thermal properties among many others- our range of British made luxury alpaca knitwear offers just that.

2015-04-10 19.42.57-2
Thanks to the incredible qualities alpaca fibre boasts, our current range of luxury Royal alpaca snoods, cowls and cable knit beanie hats not to mention our range of baby alpaca scarves and shawls perform amazingly well in areas with an altitude of over 2000m and in temperatures of -22 degrees in the winter to +27 degrees in the summer. Some of our customers have praised our alpaca products and said that they didn’t even know how good our alpaca jumpers, hats, cowls and scarves perform in the cold. These adult alpaca accessories are accompanied by our exquisite range of children’s Royal alpaca knitwear which include Royal alpaca cardigans, Royal alpaca v-necks and Royal alpaca crew neck jumpers which will keep your child warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s hot. Our forthcoming women’s and men’s luxury alpaca clothing which will include Royal alpaca jumpers, alpaca sweaters and other alpaca knitwear will therefore offer the same fantastic benefits!
Both our men’s and women’s ranges of alpaca clothing are currently in production and are due for launch in AW15 so you’ll no doubt see Plum of London’s alpaca garments on a slope in the 2015/16 ski season and if you’re lucky enough to visit Verbier or Whistler this summer, you’ll find some of our alpaca products in a few exclusive shops…!