Alpaca – The Word on Everyone’s Lips

It is common knowledge that a new business will take a bit of time to get off the ground, especially if that business is a new clothing brand. Much tenacity and perseverance is required to achieve the business’ goals during those first few years but things are made much easier when the product is ‘fresh’ and totally unique to the market. We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive reaction and encouraging feedback received for our range of high quality, British made Royal alpaca products.

Thanks to websites such as The Good Web Guide and SoSensational, our initial impact has been a positive one and the good word is spreading. It seems that whilst cashmere prices increase, the demand for merino yarn has been forecast to soon outstrip supply. This is therefore a great time for alpaca to come to the fore and help create the finest knitwear and woven cloth that will prove superior to anything made using wool, cashmere, merino or any other yarn for that matter.  It certainly is capable of it.